4 Ways to Use Instagram Stories to Sell Your Products

Instagram is an online, free photo-sharing social media application. The platform allows creators to edit and share pictures and short-form videos through a mobile application. Instagram offers a different range of digital filters and editing features.

The app also introduced a feature named Stories that lets users share photos or videos that disappear after 24 hours. Through this feature, the photo-sharing app offers many opportunities for individuals and also for businesses.
More than half of Instagram users watch and use Instagram Stories per day. They say they have become interested in a product after seeing it on Stories. It is no surprise that four billion active advertisers use Instagram Stories to promote their brands. There is another option you can utilize, which is you can choose to buy instagram story views to get more visibility for your Instagram Stories. In this post, you will learn 4 ways to use Instagram Stories to sell your products:

1. Utilize Stories Highlights Strategically

You may already use Instagram Stories highlights, but it is important to switch them during your product promotion. The highlights tab on your business profile on Instagram is prime real estate. So during a promotion, you will be getting plenty of new views on your profile.
Utilize the Highlights section to help your audiences and potential customers understand your products, to share customer feedback, and drive sales. Don’t pull all the things in the same highlight. Use separate highlights for different factors. So that it will be easier for audiences to just click on a highlight to find the information they are seeking quickly.
Some ideas to post separate highlights: about us, testimonials, location, and portfolio.

2. Use the Stories Countdown Feature and Create a Sense of Urgency

The important tip for promoting an offer or a product on Instagram is to utilize the Countdown feature on your Stories. The Countdown sticker can be used for:

  • Counting down the total number of hours remaining to an active launch.
  • Counting down the special launch, it may be a special offer or new product promotion.

If your audiences click the countdown sticker, they will see the option to enable reminders, and they will get notified when the countdown has stopped. This helps to remind your audiences about the countdown and also to create a sense of urgency, which is a solid marketing trick. In addition, as a boost to your marketing strategies, start to leverage EarnViews and increase your engagement rate rapidly. If you do so, your brand’s sales might get increased.

3. Leverage Stories Images to Communicate Scarcity

If you are selling only limited quantities of services and products, share a graphic on your Story that helps to convey your limited stock. For instance, let’s say you are selling 20 numbers of a specific product.

Through Stories Images, you can let your audience know that in every few hours how many products have gone sold. If you have sold 15 numbers in the first hour, notify your audiences that 15 items have sold. This trick creates a sense of scarcity, and an urgency to buy your products before they sold out.

You can also use Instagarm’s live stream feature to clear your audience’s queries. Doing this will help to generate more visibility and interest for your promotion. Moreover, buy instagram impressions for your content or Stories and enhance your product’s exposure to more audiences. This may also help in elevating your product’s sales.

4. Host a Giveaway to Improve Social Proof

Cultivating social proof with Instagram Stories is an efficient way to gain more visibility for your products. You may do this by hosting a giveaway contest and sharing it with your community using your Instagram Stories. Ask your customers to post feedback or testimonials in one of their Stories and tag your product page in it. In return, you can give away your product or a gift card that encourages audiences to participate even more.
If your customer posts Stories about your product and how they loved using it, you can reshare/repost them in your Story. Doing so will help you generate more momentum and excitement during your promotion.

Final Verdict

You may already know about Instagram Stories, but you might be struggling with using it as a marketing tool for your business. Utilize the above 4 ways to use Instagram Stories to sell your products.
Be authentic and professional, don’t be too self-promotional, always have your audience in mind, and find their preferences to sell your products effectively on Instagram Stories.